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Privacy Policy

Mundipharma's treatment of personally identifiable information is in compliance with applicable privacy laws. In particular, we collect and treat personally identifiable information in good faith and not in an excessive manner. Mundipharma will not treat personally identifiable information against the will of the user of this site as expressed to Mundipharma. 

By submitting personally identifiable information through this Site you consent to Mundipharma using such information as specified in the respective form on this Site and as is necessary in order to perform the respective action. 

Personal information we collect

Information we request may include your name, address, phone number, and/or email. Required information is indicated by an asterisk*. Provision of all other information is optional. 
When you visit id.betadine.global, a small file (the "cookie") is transferred to your computer's hard drive. A "cookie" is a standard internet practice used throughout the World Wide Web as a way to track visitors to a web site. This small bit of information lets us review which parts of the site are popular and which are less popular, so we may improve these areas in the future. Cookies that are generated contain no identifiable information about you or your computer, and will only be used for the purposes indicated above. 

How we use your information

Mundipharma will not release information gathered on the betadine.co.id website to any outside parties. Your name and information will never be sold. We will not, without your express written consent, provide any personally identifiable information to any third party, unless required by law or legal process.